Went digging through my archives to find old designs for IO that were never updated. Looking for Cerberus in particular, I know she was scanned at one point and I had attempted to colour her but it turned out terrible. I’ll have to check again tomorrow, she’s probably hidden on one of my externals. In the meantime, I did find some other older concepts, IO-related and non-, worth sharing.

Saecroph (2007) was an old concept for the true body of Isxunhek. There was an accompanying concept piece showing how the monolithic figure worked as a “walking nursery”, but hell if know where that went. Barbos (2007) was one of the earliest designs for IO that wasn’t based purely in writing. He was a fallen angel, punished for a reason I’ve long since forgotten. He had a partner named Kaada who was similarly damned who was drawn out alongside him, but that’s buried somewhere. The Saloon Dancer (2005) has nothing to do with IO, it was an NPC concept for a game demo our game design class was assigned for the last two - three months of the semester. I somehow got voted in as the lead 2D artist, and got to design the two enemies that would appear in our game. The dancer was modeled by our professor, who really liked the concept, and skinned by one of the students. The Burning Byrd (2008) is also not related to IO, it was a concept for a boss-creature for the awful comic “tournament” I was a part of at the time. Dream Caster (2009) was a gift to someone. The Gryphon was a random concept done during a stream. Ladyfingers (2009) was a hyena-based demon concept for IO, a Gluttony native that lived on the fringes of the Iron Kitchens to steal Chef whelps.

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