It is way too hot to draw today, the humidity is atrocious.

Introduce an Obscure Character Day round 3! Isxunhek isn’t really that obscure, but hey. 1st and 3rd images were made by me, 2010 and 2012 respectively, the 2nd and 4th images were commissioned from a friend.

Isxunhek the Warmonger is the 752nd Founder, one of 1,000 cyclically reincarnating “faces” of the Founder, a demon so powerful it was torn apart into exactly 1,000 pieces by Hell itself the moment it was born. Over the course of Hell’s history, Isxunhek has taken Pride’s crown several times. The ascent of Isxunhek, always following the cruel and paranoid rule of Ismat the Spiteful, is generally seen as a positive boon for the lower Levels despite the incarnation’s unforgiving and calculating nature. Isxunhek is considered Hell’s greatest General, having devised many machines and strategies that have become instrumental to the backbones of Hell’s many armies. Again ruling over Pride as of modern times, Isxunhek’s expertise in the fields of war could not have come at a better time for the people of Hell, offering a chance of stability in conflict.

Isxunhek’s most powerful weapons are its Greater children, whom act as its eyes and ears. The Greater Shape-Shifter Urz is its current envoy. Urz’s antagonistic nature compliments Isxunhek’s scrutiny of its peers.

This Founder wears skins culled from the Damned that enter its city. It also wears robes fashioned from the hides of other Demons, those who have dared to tamper with its patience or its rule. The remaining rulers in Hell are wary of its nursery of several billions, the whole of which can be mobilised as an offensive unit at any time against both Hell’s enemies and Hell itself with mathematical precision.

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